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Mellon Faculty Research Seminar
2014–2015 Calendar

All meetings Tuesdays, 12–2p, Nevil Classroom, Penn Museum
Open to invited guests only.

Fall 2014
09 Sep Welcome and Introductions
Planning Session / Shared Readings
Lori Tharps, Pigmentocracy: Lifting the Veil of Colorism in America (Dhanveer Brar)
Ruth Toulson, The Color of Death: Ritual, Materiality, and the Corpse (Ayako Kano)
Jennifer Harford Vargas, The Spectrum of Dictatorial Power in the Latina/o Imaginary (Jim English)
14 Oct Nicholas Gaskill, Vibrant Environments: The Feel of Color from the White Whale to the Red Wheelbarrow (Antje Prannkuchen)
No session
Roundtable: Science and Perception
Gary Hatfield, Kevin Connolly, Simon Finger, Nick Gaskill, Meredith Bak, Orkan Telhan, and Lisa Bourla
Lisa Bourla, Scientific Illustration in Color at the Turn of the Florentine Seicento (Orkan Telhan)
Meredith Bak, Shading Experience: Color Education and the Formation of the Modern Subject (Kirk Fiereck)
Chi-ming Yang (Sheshalatha Reddy)
25 Nov Tyler Williams, Account Books and Holy Books: Merchant Religious and Literary Culture in Early Modern India (Kavita Daiya)
02 Dec Wazhmah Osman, The Color of Freedom and Repression: Global Soap Operas and the Afghan Culture Wars (Rozaliya Garipova)
09 Dec Kavita Daiya, "Unhealthy Obsessions": Race, Aesthetics, and Secularism in South Asian Literature (Faisal Chaudhry)
Spring 2015
Kevin Connolly, Learning to Perceive Color (Gary Hatfield)
Sheshalatha Reddy, Cellular Structures/Circulating Bodies: The Red, Green, and In-Between Spaces and Networks of Fenian Resistance (Chi-ming Yang)

Ayako Kano, Fading Out and Blending in Erotic Colors: A Cultural History of Japanese Discursive Paradigms on Sexuality
(Ahmad Almallah)

17 Feb

Elizabeth Della Zazzera, The Illumination of Restoration Paris (Gina Rivera)

Gary Hatfield, Perceiving Color: Subjectivity and Objectivity in Practice (Andrew McAninch)
Leonard Norman Primiano, The Complexion of God: The Spiritualized Aesthetics of Color in Father Divine's Peace Mission Movement (Ruth Toulson)
10 Mar No session, Spring Break
Gina Rivera, The French Instrumental Origins of Tone Color (Jamuna Samuel)
Roundtable: InterAsia
Kavita Daiya, Wazhmah Osman, Faisal Chaudhry, Ruth Toulson, Ayako Kano, and Tyler Williams
31 Mar Antje Pfannkuchen, A New Typle of Romantic Colors: Invisible Rays and the Optical Spectrum (Kevin Connolly)
07 Apr Dhanveer Brar, What Color is Black Music? Sonic Registers of Blackness as Color, Ontology, and Epistemology in Black Electronic Dance Music (Lori Tharps)
Orkan Telhan, Indexical Visualization: Meaning with Color (Jim English)
21 Apr Simon Finger, Green Waters, the Deep Blue Sea, and the Color of Atlantic History (Nicholas Gaskill)
28 Apr

Roundtable: Race
Leonard Norman Primiano, Lori Tharps, Jennifer Harford Vargas, and Dhanveer Brar