Participating Fellows, 2013-14
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Mellon Faculty Research Seminar
2013–2014 Calendar

All meetings Tuesdays, 12–2p, Nevil Classroom, Penn Museum
Open to invited guests only.

 Spring 2014
21 Jan David Stern, The Burning of the Talmud and Other Acts of Violence Against Jewish Books (Jessica Goethals)
David Suisman, Lowering the Boom: Sound, Violence, and the State (Garry Bertholf)
Graham MacPhee, Constructing Imperial Violence: Britain's "Migrated Archive" (Rozaliya Garipova)
Gabriel Rockhill, The Janus Face of Democracy: Urgency of an Untimely Question (Andrew McAninch)
Jessica Goethals, Catastrophe and Catharsis in Early Modern Italy: Representing the Sack of Rome and its Aftermath (Emily Wilson)
Penn Museum Gallery Tour
04 Mar Bea Jauregui, Agents of Violence and Vulnerable Subjectivities: Contemporary Police and Combat Soldiers (Deborah Thomas)
11 Mar No session, Spring Break
Karen Beckman, Dadanimation and the Contemporary Art of War (Patricia Melzer)
Kate Aid, The Sisters in Dahomey: Amazon Performance and Political Analogy
Stefania Benini, Revolt and Sacrifice: the Children of the Bourgeoisie in Italian Cinema of the Late Sixties (Nicoletta Marini-Maio)
Alden Young, Accounting for Decolonization: The Origins of the Sudanese Economy, 1945-1964 (Linda Kim)
Roundtable: Mandela readings
22 Apr Patricia Melzer, The "Violent Truth" of the Female Terrorist: Political Violence as Feminist Practice (Karen Beckman)
29 Apr Concluding Workshop: Weber and Arendt readings
 Fall 2013
10 Sept Welcome and Introductions
17 Sept Eric Schneider, Dancing with Knives: The Ecological Structure of African American Homicide in Postwar Philadelphia (Jason Ward)
24 Sept Linda Kim, "Evidence for History": Interrogating the Photographic Witness of Rwanda's Genocide (Mitch Fraas)
01 Oct Phillip John Usher, Until I saw It— Tragedy and Violence During the French Wars of Religion
(Bridget Murnaghan)
08 Oct Lisa Homann, Valuable Violence: "Chasing" Masks in Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso (Shayna Silverstein)
15 Oct Humanities Policy Roundtable
22 Oct

Shayna Silverstein, Between Subversion and Silence: Violence, Popular Culture, and the Syrian Conflict (Lisa Homann)

29 Oct Garry Bertholf, The Biopolitics of Race and Race-Based Biotechnologies (David Suisman)
05 Nov Nicoletta Marini-Maio, A Specter Is Haunting Italy: Representations of the Aldo Moro Case in Film and Theater (Stefania Benini)
12 Nov Deborah Thomas, The Problem with Violence: Exceptionality, Politics, and Prophecy in the New World (Bea Jauregui)
19 Nov Mitch Fraas, Representing Violence in Early Colonial Indian Courtrooms (Graham MacPhee)
26 Nov Bridget Murnaghan, The Representation of Violence in Greek Tragedy (Phillip John Usher)
03 Dec Jason Ward, Hanging Bridge: Racial Violence, Grassroots Struggle, and America's Civil Rights Century (Eric Schneider)
10 Dec Emily Wilson, Sympathizing with the Cyclops: Violence in the Odyssey (David Stern)