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2014–2015 Calendar

Fall 2014
Sept 09
7pm, Nevil
Welcome and Introductions
Sept 16
4:30pm, Nevil
PHF Welcome Reception
Sept 17
3:30pm, Nevil
Tea with Zadie Smith
Sept 23
7pm, Nevil
Planning Session and Research Updates
Oct 14
7pm, KWH
Rough screening of Guy Ramsey's new documentary on Bud Powell
Oct 28
7pm, Nevil
Daedalus Quartet and Discussion of Color in Sri Lanka
Nov 11
7pm, Van Pelt
Research Methods Panel with representatives from archival, ethnographic, and multimedia research
Nov 25
7pm, KWH
Research Check-in
Dec 09
7pm, Nevil
Research Updates

Spring 2015
Feb 11
Cooking & Lunch with Krishnendu Ray
Feb 24
8pm, KWH
Color Readings: New England Red by Katie Stewart and Basic Color Terms by Berlin and Kay
Mar 03
8pm, Nevil
Movie screening
Mar 17
8pm, KWH
Conference Preparation
Mar 27
Van Pelt
COLOR MATTERS: 16th Annual Undergraduate Humanities Forum Research Conference