Speakers and Events
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Video Event Footage
Abbate, Carolyn: In Praise of Unreal Sounds
Acocella, Joan: Vaslav Nijinsky video
Ahima, Rexford: Obesity
Alexander, Michelle: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness
Ali, Tariq: Fanaticism, Belief, and Empires Video
Allen, Tim and Kassabian, Deke: Virtual Worlds Video
Angier, Natalie: Womanhood
Anonymous 4: with Mary Carruthers
Anonymous 4: Long Time Traveling
Art of Reinvention: Exhibition
Badler, Norman: Really Virtual or Virtually Real?
Bahrani, Zainab: Monumental Force of Law
Baird, Julianne: Music Ornamentation
Barchi, Robert: Early Watch Design
Barkan, Leonard: Satyr Square Video
Bloom, Amy: Love
Boraine, Alexander: Democracy Sound1 Sound1
Botstein, Leon: Music Styles
Bound, Unbound: GHF Conference, 2003
Boyer, Pascal: Creativity and Adaptation Video
Braverman, Louise: Sleep Domains
Buckey, Jay: Sleep in Space
Buruma, Ian: Multiculturalism Video
Bushnell, Rebecca: Garden Society
Campbell, Jaquelyn: Domestic Violence, Medical Ethics
Caplan, Arthur and Eck, Stephen: Bioethics
Caplan, Jane: Tattoo
Carson, Anne: Cassandra Float Can
Catts, Oron: Killing Flesh Video
Cederman, Lars-Erik: Inequality and Violence Video
Chakrabarty, Dipesh: Subaltern History Video
Change: UHF Conference, 2009
Changing the Canon: Screening and Discussion Video
Charon, Rita and Grossman, Murray: Medical Narrative and Imaging
Chattopadhyay, Swati: Peripheral Spaces Video
Cheney, Dorothy and Seyfarth, Robert: Social Knowledge of Monkeys and Apes Video
Chicago, Judy: Style, Eponymous
The Clerks' Group: Roman de Fauve
Chow, Rey: Documentary Realism
Cohen, David: Fantasy Realism
Cohen, Richard: Wandering Jew Video
Conn, Peter: Best Sellers video
Connections: UHF Conference, 2010
Cort, Robert: Movies as Religion Video
Crumb, George: Eighth Blackbird
Crystal, David: English Language
Daedalus Quartet: Haydn's Opus 20 Video Video Video
Daedalus Quartet: Music from Exile
Danto, Arthur: Three Brillo Boxes
Darnton, Robert: Louis XV and Scandalous Literature
Daston, Lorraine: Nature's Revenge Video
Davenport, Christian: Indian Untouchability Video
Deacon, Terrence: Origins of Language Video
DeLanda, Manuel: Artificial Intelligence Video
Destiny and Design: Indic Manuscripts Exhibition
Diaz, Junot: Periphery of American Letters
Dickinson, Sara: Dashkova Video
Dillon, Emma: Seeing Medieval Song
Dinges, David F.: Sleep Video
Dixon Hunt, John: Gardens
Dolan, Emily and Tresch, John: instruments of Music and Science
Drucker, Johanna: Virtual Codex Video
Elective Affinities: International Conference
Emergence, Rupture, Transformation:
GHF Conference, 2009
Emanuel, Ezekial: Ethics of American Health Care Video
Endersby, Jim: Darwin and Hooker Video
Epstein, Helen: Politics and Pandemics
Ethics of Humanitarianism: Essay Contest
Fashioning the Body: Symposium
Favro, Diane: Digital Ancient Rome Video
Fernández-Armesto, Felipe: Culture
Foreman, Richard: Experimental Theater Video
Fraser, J.T.: Time
Garreau, Joel: Transportation Technology Video
Gepts, Paul: Agriculture Video
Gordin, Michael: Speaking Utopian
Gospel Music: Dottie Peoples
Grafton, Anthony: Obelisks
Greenblatt, Stephen: Cardenio
Grossman, Murray and Charon, Rita: Medical Narrative and Imaging
Gunning, Tom: Discovery of Virtual Movement Video
Hahn, Steven: Slavery Video
Hamelin & Applebaum: Music of Sleep & Dreams
Hamelin & Applebaum: Cabaret
Hamilton, Ann: Artist's Talk
Harvey, David: End of Capitalism? Video
Hendrickson, Paul: Hemingway's Boat Video
Hendrickson, Paul: Sons of Mississippi Video
Hirsch, Edward: Love Poetry
Hofstadter, Douglas: Interconnectedness Video
Holzer, Jenny: Public Art Video
Human Nature/Human Rights: Civic Dialogue
Hyde, Lewis: Franklin and Communication Video
If Ben Had Had His Way: Symposium and Essay Contest Video
In the Beginning: Exhibition
Irwin, Robert: Sinbad Video
Jacob, Margaret: Freemasonry Video
Jamieson, Dale: Climate Change Video
Jamieson, Kathleen Hall: Political Ads
Jenkins Henry: Comic Books Video
Jencks, Charles: Postmodern Architecture
Jones, Peter Lloyd and Sabin, Jenny: LabStudio Video
Judson, Olivia: Time Travel Safari
Kassabian, Deke and Allen, Tim: Virtual Worlds Video
Kauffman, Stuart: Sacred Video
Kearns, Michael: Social Networking Video
Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, Barbara: Museum of the History of Polish Jews
Labov, William: Language Change Video
Lady in the Dark Project: Theatre
Landes, David: Revolution in Time
Lear, Jonathan: Freud and Dreams
Leventhal, Richard: Ancient Maya Video
Levin, Janna: Origins of the Universe Video
Lewontin Richard: Scientists and Elite Knowledge Video
Livingstone, Margaret: Neuroscience of Art Video
The Loathly Lady: Opera Premiere Video
Look/Alive: Penn Theatre Arts
Loomba, Ania: Violence/Gandhi's Non-Violence Video
Lopate, Philip: Personal Writing
Machover, Tod: Music, Mastery, and Memory Video
Maeda, John: Simplicity Video
Mair, Victor: East Asian Heartland Video
Mann, Michael: Climate Wars
Marginalia: 2013 UHF Conference
McClusky Pamela: Aboriginal Art Video
Medicine at the Margins: Panel Discussion Video
Medicine in Film: Symposium
Menand, Louis: Dr. Seuss
Menocal, María Rosa: Shared Cultures and Religions Video
Meyer, Steven: Gertrude Stein
Miles, Jack: Scriptures and Bible
Miller, Bruce: Art and Dementia Video
Missed Connections: GHF Conference, 2010
Mnookin, Jennifer: Visual Evidence in Courtroom Video
Morse, Stephen: Law and Altered Consciousness Video
Murray, Joseph: Sign Language Communities Video
Nakamura, Lisa: Incivility on the Internet Video
Nehamas, Alexander: Ancients
New Ways of Reading: Humanities at Large Video
Newberg, Andrew: Neurotheology Video Video
Nirenberg, David: Judaism, Christianity, Islam Video
Nussbaum, Martha: Gender Justice and Human Rights
One Book, One Philadelphia: Lorene Cary Video
Origins: GHF Conference, 2008
Origins: UHF Conference, 2008
Othello: Guthrie Theater National Tour, 2004
Otis, Laura: Verbal and Visual Thinking Video
Pagels, Elaine: Original Sin
Parthenia: When Music & Sweet Poetry Agree
Patterson, Annabel: Andrew Marvell
Peripheral Visions: 2013 GHF Symposium Video
Philadelphia Architecture  
Philadelphia Cuisine  
Philadelphia Decorative Arts  
Philadelphia Mural Art  
Philadelphia Self-Taught Art  
Philadelphia Sound  
Philadelphia Textiles  
Philadelphia Urban Design  
Philadelphia Writers: Forum's Inaugural
Phillips, Caryl: Border Crossings Video
Picture This!: Symposium, Photography and Narrative
Pingree, David: Kala Time
Pinker, Steven: How the Mind Works
Plachy, Sylvia: REPROS Exhibition
Pleasures and Pitfalls of Film Adaptation: Roundtable Discussion
Points of Departure: Exhibition
Puppets: The Original Avatars: Roundtable Discussion
Qur'an: Conference
Qur'an: Exhibition
Rashid, Karim: Industrial Design
Reel Travel: Symposium, Travel and Film
Reflections on Sleep & Dreams: GHF Conference, 2005
Reicher, Harry: Holocaust Belief Video
Reid, Alastair: Translation Video
Rose, C. Brian: Archaeology and War
Rosekind, Mark: Sleep and Alertness
Rosenberg, Charles: Books and Medicine
Rosenthal, Sandra: Time and Pragmatism
Sabin, Jenny and Jones, Peter Lloyd: LabStudio Video
Santomero, Anthony: Consumer Confidence Video
Schaffner, Ingrid: Dalí’s Dream of Venus
Schiffrin, André: Publishing Industry Video
Said, Edward: Late Style
Salamon, Gayle: Murder of Larry King
Semmel, Stuart: Mass Observation
Sleep & Dreams: UHF Conference, 2005
Seyfarth, Robert and Cheney, Dorothy: Social Knowledge of Monkeys and Apes Video
Smith, Kiki: Artist's Sources Video
Smith, Patti: Exhibition and Concert
Spergel, David: Edges of the Universe Video
Spiegelman, Art: Comix
Stallybrass, Peter: Books as Physical Objects
Stallybrass, Peter: Pepys
Steiner, Wendy: Adam's Dream
Stickgold, Robert: Sleep, Learning, and Memory Video
Stones, Alison: Santiago Pilgrimage
Struck, Peter: Magic Video
Summers, Richard: Flesh, Fantasy, and Bandwith
Suspending (Dis)Belief: GHF Conference, 2004
Swan, Claudia: Counterfeit Chimeras Video
Sweeney, Mary: Cinematic Dreams
Swift, Isabel: Romance Novel Video Video
Swoon: Street Art
Tenner, Edward: Virtual Immortality Video
Thomas, Deborah: Archiving State Violence Video
Thomas, Douglas: Technology Outlaws Video
Thompson, Robert Farris: African Art Video
Thubron, Colin: Silk Road (2006) Video
Thubron, Colin: Silk Road (2011) Video
Time Among the Maya: Conference
Time and Space, Memory and Place: GHF Conference, 2002
Tinney, Steve: Writing in Mesopotamia
Tomlinson, Gary: Origins of Music Video
Travel: GHF Conference, 2007
Travel: UHF Conference, 2007
Travel for Humanity: Symposium, Humanitarianism
Tresch, John and Dolan, Emily: instruments of Music and Science
Vaidhyanathan, Siva: Googlization Video
Visual Dialogues: GHF conference, 2006
Vargos Llosa, Mario: Reading
von Baeyer, Hans Christian: Time and Physics
Walker, Kara: Violence in Contemporary Art
Wallerstein, Immanuel: 21st Century Globalization Video
Weiner, Jonathan: Biology of Time
Wells, Spencer: Genographic Project
Wendt, Henry: Quivira Video
Weschler, Lawrence: Books and Internet
White, Randall: Human Symbolism Video
Wideman, John Edgar: Readings
Wilson, Elizabeth: Feminist Darwin Video
Wind, Jerry: Brand names and Logos
Women Film the War on Terror: Film Series
Wood, Allen: Ethics of Belief
Writing Surfaces: Exhibition
Writing Technologies: Conference
Yang, Chi-ming: Asian animals 18th-century Britain Video
Young-Bruehl, Elisabeth: Bisexuality
Žižek, Slavoj: Are Catastrophes Virtual? Video